Escort Tantra Massage Tenerife

Tenerife is the island of eternal spring. Escort Tantra Massage is an offer for the gentleman with style and class who wants to enjoy with all senses and literally experience his second spring.

Our exclusive Tantra Escort Service is no ordinary escort to the hotel or to your home. This is the art of touching according to ancient Indian tradition at the highest level. Finest massage creations, touching, caressing, feeling, heart to heart, this is an escort service that touches the soul and does not reduce itself to the sex act – which does not necessarily have to happen. This is Tantra service that actually accompanies the whole person, just as he is.

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Tantra Nuru Massage

Unforgettable pleasure with all senses
180 Hour
  • Minimum 1 hour Tantra Nuru Massage
  • With erotic finish
  • Including arrival and departure of the Tantra-Kurtisane

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House and hotel visits for the lady or gentleman - The somewhat different Tantra Escort

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You feel beautiful, desirable and independent. You move gracefully and confidently. You radiate. Eyes that people like to look into. A voice that is a pleasure to listen to. Skin you want to touch and a mouth you want to kiss. As a muse, you inspire body, soul and spirit. You are therefore highly educated, musically gifted and have a corresponding professional background. You work as an artist, are an academic or student in a creative or humanities field or have always been passionate about art and culture. You are an eloquent conversationalist and speak fluent German and/or English.
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Tantra Escort Service in Tenerife

Tantra Nuru Massage with warm oil and sensual body to body interludes.

The typical escort service is based on a visit of the escort lady in a hotel or at your home. It is clear to both parties that this is an encounter reduced to the act. Usually after an hour the whole thing is over and the escort lady goes home or to her next appointment. The guest stays behind, apparently satisfied, but somehow a sour aftertaste lingers. That wasn’t quite it, was it? What was missing? In the classic escort service, the focus is on looks, bra size, services. That is what the escort lady advertises and the attributes after which the guest chooses the escort lady. Despite all this, the feeling of emptiness usually remains. The Tantra escort service is not primarily about looks and superficiality. In order to achieve this depth, the escort herself must be at peace with herself. Only in this way can Tantra escort service in Tenerife also express warmth, closeness and connection, remain authentic and reach the guest in his wholeness. Unfortunately, this is the case with very few escort services. On the contrary: many escorts actually don’t like their profession at all and only do this service for the money. The inner attitude towards the world of men can inevitably be imagined.

Escortservice of the tantra class offers touch art of the top class. Touching, caressing, feeling, heart to heart, this is escort service that touches the soul and does not reduce itself to the act. This is escort service that actually accompanies the whole person, just as he is. This gives pleasure, lust and passion and is at least girlfriend eroticism but usually much more. The guest feels the pleasant feeling of happiness and not quick satisfaction for weeks to come. The professional and sophisticated Tantra massage contributes to this and reaches the soul, allowing people to find each other without judgement. Skin close body to body contact, kisses, oil massages that drive you crazy and the famous Nuru massage are all part of the Tantra Escort Service Tenerife. An escort service that you as a demanding connoisseur have been looking for a long time and that beguiles and touches a personality.