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Mallorca – dream beaches and dream women! Mallorca is famous and notorious as a party island. What is hardly known in this area: the island of the dreams:

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Mallorca – dream beaches and dream women!

Mallorca is famous and notorious as a party island. What is hardly known in this area: the island of the dreams: Beside Ballermann and Playa there are also real luxury women on the most popular Balearic island among the Germans. While in the relevant discos the naked meat is swivelled to clumsy hits with hardly describable stillness, there is another, hidden world of high-class eroticism on Mallorca: Our exclusive escort service has specialized in models for the upscale taste. Far away from the strip- and amusement clubs for the more proletarian tourists there are real elite ladies to discover, and these are the real treasure of the beautiful island. The escorts who work for us on Mallorca meet the highest standards. The demanding gentleman, who relies on the services of our escort agency, can be sure that he will meet real ladies here; attractive girls of the luxury class, sharp as nature, who will enjoy meeting you just as much as you do. Hot girls with model measurements, polished manners and indecent wishes who only want one thing: Fun with uncomplicated, stylish eroticism!

Escort eroticism with level

So if you think Mallorca and Niveau would be mutually exclusive, you can let our escort ladies teach you better in the most pleasant way. To enjoy the full night life in company of your very private Lust-Lady will be an unforgettable experience for you, which will let Mallorca shine in a new light. Treat yourself to what is otherwise reserved for the VIPs and the super-rich: an exclusive playmate that exclusively takes care of your erotic wishes and bodily needs. Our high class call girls are not only outwardly a man’s dream come true, it is also a pleasure to talk to these extraordinary ladies. Already at the first meeting with the escort lady of your choice it becomes clear: This companion knows how to spoil a sophisticated man, and she was born exactly for it. While flirting, the temperature rises to heights that are unusually hot even for the Mediterranean region in midsummer, and while the atmosphere continues to intensify, the juices boil and the passion of you and your exclusive lady rises immeasurably, you can already imagine how the evening continues…

The full pampering programme

For example, you can let your escort pamper you with a sensual massage on the beach or in the hotel and enjoy the gentle and skilful movements with which your lady puts you in the mood. If you like it wilder and more spontaneous, you can also enjoy your escort directly in a bay sheltered from view, for example in the sound of the surf under palm trees and the starry sky. With our Dinner Date there is another possibility. You will perform your queen of the night, and when the atmosphere has increased to unbearable passion, you and your sex divine will disappear to an intimate place for a quick and hot experience. Whichever way you want to get to know the erotic side of Mallorca, with us you choose the right escort agency for an unforgettable stay full of sensuality and real desire. As a serious escort service, we take care of all the organisational aspects of your escort so that you can fully concentrate on your deserved pleasure. So you can experience Mallorca from a side that will remain hidden forever from the classic Ballermann tourist and enjoy the beauty of the island and especially its attractive women. Just as the backcountry of Mallorca has long been appreciated for its untouched, wildly romantic nature, with our escort service you can soon count yourself among the connoisseurs who only smile knowingly when others talk about supposedly erotic experiences with the women of Mallorca. Completely true to the motto: The true gentleman enjoys and remains silent…