Escort service of the luxury class - what makes the difference?

You desire…

… the extraordinary, an escort service that offers more than mass and “cheap”, no you desire the model of the noble class. A great woman for special moments you can’t buy for money… maybe in the sense of Oscar Wilde.

“The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value.”

You don’t want to meet a lady in the lobby of a hotel who seems to belong to the “Erotic Business”. This will not happen if you choose Playmates Escortservice. Our name is the program!

Our guarantee

– Other people will never notice that she is a high-class escort unless you want her to be.
– It won’t happen that you don’t recognize the model in front of you, because the luxury lady doesn’t correspond to the photos. We are different, as a Premium Escortservice we do not work with fake profiles or retouched photos. We guarantee absolute authenticity because this is the only way to ensure a premium class escort experience. That’s why you won’t find any information about the service of high class ladies, because soulless sex doesn’t match our standard.

– The ulimative escort experience of the premium class for body and soul.

You can expect that…

Escort service for highest demands – Girlfriend feeling that remains unforgettable.

Our escort ladies are free and independent, they decide freely and dispose freely of their time and whether they are going to pleasure because you have no employers behind them who tell them what to do. Why is this important to you? ..
So you will never be embarrassed to face an escort who does not want you at all.
But an honest, adventurous escort lady who just wants to turn the night into day and that with you because she wants you.
This is our unique selling point High Class women who really want to be independent and free, just following their desire for freedom and lust.

She could be an exclusive model….

These are the thoughts that bother your brain when such a woman meets you on the street. No, she is not the girl next door. Such women simply stand out, not because they have applied kilograms of make-up, but because they are simply natural beauties that are fascinating because of their charisma, their charm, surely also because the good Lord had a particularly good day when he created her;)
Who didn’t want to have sex with a true Miss or Playmate even in his life? …

A man’s dream that should always remain a dream?

Although this almost perfect body, the dream of the almost unattainable, is a special added value, the unbridled lust that these high class beauties bring with them is also invaluable.
Contrary to the popular belief, it is not the case that the most handsome of the beauties feel less lust, but on the contrary they love the lust for love because they have a completely natural relationship to their body. They love their body. Let them infect you, because who loves himself and his body, can enjoy differently. That’s why the Playmate, the lady in the luxury escort service, is definitely interested in her own lust.
It is not rare for her to live out her own fantasies with her admirer. This makes us different from other escorts. These high class ladies do not work when the call of an admirer comes, they enjoy these unforgettable moments and the lightness of being just like you as a gentleman.

Only one thing is not possible, you will never be able to have a monogamous relationship with a model of the High Class Escortservice. You can enjoy the Vip-Lady having a good time with her, but you do not possess her. But you have the memories that are valuable and, if we are honest, unaffordable. This makes us different from other escorts, this quality of the escort model that is special, just as particularly that such experiences are possible at all.